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What is hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a highly individualized, powerful process that utilizes hypnosis to help you reach your goals. Spontaneous hypnosis is a natural state we all experience frequently. Some examples include becoming intensely absorbed in doing something you love like reading, watching a great movie, or being in the “zone” if you are an athlete.  In hypnotherapy, you are guided into hypnosis. Being in a state of hypnosis facilitates changes in our thinking process that allow us to change our beliefs from fear and self-doubt based “I can’t” to self-empowering “I can”. This leads us to uncover our true potential, it can transform our lives from routine and ordinary to extraordinary lives of purpose.  

who can Benefit from hypnotherapy 

Both children and adults can benefit from hypnotherapy. This process is goal-driven and any realistic goal you may have is within reach.  For example, you may want to work on improving relationships, gaining self-confidence, self-exploration and growth, healing trauma, processing grief, or conquering fears.  Your child may wish to let go of unhelpful habits, such as nighttime bedwetting or nail biting, tics, or fears, improve school or test taking performance, improve exercise performance, gain self-confidence and improve sleep.

Dr. Alina Sumarokov 


My name is Dr. Alina Sumarokov.  I wear many hats. I am a mom, a pediatrician, a dancer, a yogi, a former pharmacist, and a hypnotherapist. In practicing hypnotherapy I found one of my true passions. Experiencing and learning hypnotherapy with Hypnotherapy Academy of America changed my life.  I found inspiration and courage to follow my dreams. I would like to share this amazing, transforming process with you. It is my greatest pleasure to guide you or your child away from a place of limiting beliefs to an exciting world of vast possibilities! Let’s begin our journey together!

The practice

My warm and welcoming office is located in Fair Lawn, NJ. Fair Lawn is a bustling, diverse, and rapidly growing town in Bergen County, Northern New Jersey. It is centrally located and in close proximity to New York City. Fair Lawn is easily accessible via trains, buses and cars. Online sessions are available on demand.

Alina is a natural and charismatic healer with years of pediatric experience. She makes you feel at ease and comfortable. She uses positive affirmation approach, so no conflict can enter your subconsciousness. It took a single session each to alleviate pre-menopausal symptoms and motivate me to start cleaning. My trauma took longer, but I’m PTSD, depression & mostly anxiety free. I feel more calm, empowered and confident. Still working on migraines, but their frequency diminished and I can manage them much better.
Valeriya Kagan


Hypnosis has changed my life. Dr. Sumarokov has helped me heal through hypnosis in a dramatic way.  In a very short time, I have been able to face challenges I’ve struggled with for so many years.  Her sessions have been more effective than any medical alternatives I’ve tried in the past for anxiety.  The positive effect and results are astounding! I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a real effective treatment that’s natural yet more effective than medicine.
 Linda Espinoza


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